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Company Overview
About Dragflow

Dragflow is a world player in solid pumping solutions with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing heavy duty pumps and complete dredging equipments. Dragflow is focused on the continuous development of its design and manufacturing activities for dredging, mining and industrial sectors.


As a recognized leader in the production and marketing of submersible dredge pumps, Dragflow has gained over the years remarkable international experience and first rate reputation in the production of dredges, for marine and energy sectors as well as in mining for minerals and other minerals.

The Dragflow team constantly works not only to find new technological solution that improve the performance of its products, but also to design specific solutions for contractors and end users, optimizing sustainable operations with energy savings and reducing the environmental impact and overall costs.


Dragflow invested in ISO9001 Quality Certification and in its information systems, because we believe in the importance of business process management, not only for improving efficiency but also to provide excellent service to customers.

Dragflow products are made with an exceptional structural quality to maximize the benefits of the customer’s initial investment to achieve low maintenance and service costs and long life of components and wear parts.


With its distribution network around the world, Dragflow is able to give consultancy, service and assistance worldwide, assistance which begins from the very first contact.

We offer to our Customers specialized support during the selection and configuration of products, technical training courses, updates about products and spare parts kits and optimization for every available configuration.

Our technical and commercial department is always at the customer’s disposal to offer prompt assistance, quick delivery of spare parts and constant attention to every aspect of after sales service.


Given its valuable knowledge and expertise Dragflow aims to become a world leader in its sector: the manufacturing of heavy pumps and dredging equipments suitable to work in critical environment especially in deep sea.